Charge is a small electric vehicle maker in the heart of London owned and established by two Russian technology investors - who happen to have an impressive portfolio of UK based disrupter tech-brands including Roborace and Arrival. See Charge’s website here:

On the outset, Charge is trailblazing the luxury EV market by offering a limited run of 499 electric Mustangs. Their technology is proudly all built in-house (or provided from Roborace/Arrival) and the body shells are directly licensed from Ford. Furthermore, the cost of the final product starts at £300k.

They have a small team, though an impressive one, coming from a background in Williams F1, McLaren Automotive, Jaguar Land Rover etc. Significantly, they have powerful financial backing from their umbrella brand Kinetic - which houses their sister companies.




We have unique access to Charge. Not only because we supply their marketing assets (film/pics) but we also helped their group establish the Roborace brand by producing the hit YouTube series Inside Roborace - alongside creating and developing a plethora of unique marketing assets that gathered international attention.

In other words, we have a relationship with their key stakeholders and have permission to discuss a marquee project for Charge.







In a nutshell, the story is an access based project that allows us to film and capture the building of a Charge car. The hook? This car will be built bespoke and given to Keanu Reeves.

Charge and their sister brands share a common goal - to create technology that is not only coveted and attracts attention, but also has real credentials as a clean future-technology. So the aim is more than a simple celebrity giveaway - they like Keanu because he’s a known philanthropist (albeit quiet about it) and they’re happy for a 1-of-499 car to be auctioned or used to serve a good purpose (details TBC) and draw attention to clean energy initiatives.

So, from a production perspective this informs a good story motivator - and a picture of where the narrative can go subject to development. However, we realise we need more than the design/build story to flesh out Act two. Hence why, Charge wish to engage a high profile Racing driver to assist them with developing the platform and this documentary would have exclusive access to that, too. Think Nico Rosberg or Jenson Button.





We see a circa 1hr documentary that aims to secure distribution on a major digital platform such as Amazon or Netflix. And in order to sell it in, Charge is ready to engage in conversation about commitments and resources. While production cash isn’t necessarily on offer from their company, they are offering to contribute a £300k product and reasonably do their part with securing the talent and time (subject to discussion and distribution options). Furthermore, they have other resources available for items such as race-track time and securing a well known race driver as part of their team. In brief, what they bring to the table is significant.




Needless to say the project requires development. However there is an opportunity to get the ball rolling and enter conversations with the right partners. This initial document acts as an offer for next-stage conversations where we can present the concept in further detail.

Please don’t hesitate to contact to arrange - we’d be thrilled to hear form you.


2min documentary

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