On the outset, Mission Intelligence is a series that examines and unpicks humanity’s rapidly evolving merger with intelligent technologies. Thematically, however, MI is much more of a journey of discovery. One that asks what it is to be human as we enter the most important advancement of the 21st century - artificial intelligence.

If the A.I. revolution is a bold frontier - then we need a voice to lead the way. Welcome to Mission Intelligence - presented by Nicki Shields.



Nicki Shields is fearless, engaging and energetic - we know first hand from making content with her. Working together, we produced a special episode of Inside Roborace (multi million viewed YouTube series) which documents her Human-VS-Machine live race on the streets of Hong Kong. This was a world first… never before has a human challenged an autonomous vehicle at a live FIA international motorsport event.

Shields is also an expert in the future tech and automotive sector. Recently known as the face of Channel 5’s FIA Formula E Championship - she’s also the anchor for Supercharged on CNN and Going Green, the channel’s flagship environment programme. If that weren’t enough, Nicki also presents GQ Drive Time & is regularly seen across broadcast channels including ITV, BBC, Channel 5 and Sky Sports.



By and large, the conversation around AI has moved on from ‘Terminator’ style narratives. Yes, there is absolutely a genuine concern about the existential threats but judgement day isn’t upon us yet. With that said, intelligent machines are indeed on the rise and while we’re not seeing James Cameron’s killer robots - the AI sector is manifesting itself in many other potent & recognisable ways. Our cars, phones, shopping… and our choices, too.

So, for good or for worse, all experts agree that the power of AI is out of the box and we cannot predict its potential. As a result, this raises many urgent questions - many we propose tackling. Futhermore, we see a truly identifiable opportunity that allows a series to trail-blaze the genre - and not just for doom and gloom, but equally to entertain and surprise. We see it as a mandate to learn and unpick the complex conversation around AI - and communicate the findings via engaging content.

The industry is waking up to the AI genre and while other content creators are entering the space - this only speaks of the audience potential & program possibilities at hand. Fortunately we at Averner Films know the AI space well.



No story is too big or complex for M.I. because at the heart of this, it’s about breaking down the intellectual chatter and hypothesis into something manageable for the audience. In that breath, we want to concentrate on some of the big flagship AI applications in technology - and some of the most surprising uses. With Nicki Shields, we’ll gain access to some of the most influential AI businesses and game changers on the planet.

  • AUTOMOTIVE whether it’s Audi, Tesla or aggressive disrupter Roborace, there’s a sprint to achieve functional autonomous systems for our roads & city planning.

  • ENERGY Global energy leader, BP is at the forefront of realising the opportunities big data and artificial intelligence has for the energy industry - and climate change.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA Deep learning is helping Facebook draw value from a larger portion of its unstructured datasets created by almost 2 billion people updating their statuses 293,000 times per minute

  • COMMERCE big companies are harvesting and selling our data, and with AI they’re learning how to respond to and predict our needs and desires with frightening accuracy.

  • HEALTHCARE where initially there were concerns for losing blue collar workers to AI, it may actually turn out to be white collars that suffer the most.

  • CREATIVE ARTS AI can not only edit video content, but it can also compose music. Here, we may learn about how AI can work beyond the parameters we set for it.


In each episode, we want to keep it grounded in the context of being human. So, we will select a unique and appropriate empirical science expert to co-verify the observations in each episode (in the form of a side kick) but also robustly compare any given AI technology to the current status quo: a human. This can be done in the form of an experiment [see Human Machine example below].



Let us lay down some guidelines that will help structure a typical episode - using Episode 1: Autonomous Cars as an example.

Act 1

Introduce the story and the aims for AI within this tech sector. EG autonomous cars were already meant to be on the road but the OEMS have found it a far harder problem than first suspected - aim is to find out why.

Act 2

Meet with Lucas Di Grassi (formula e champion, audi sport driver & roborace CEO) to find out the current state of play.

Not only gain unprecedented access to the automotive industry, but Nicki sees and experiences the testing first hand.

After hearing the big automotive brands discussing the goals and obstacles with autonomous driving - Nicki then finds an objective point of view.

Expert analysis with Dr Aldo Faisal, head of Neuro-Technology Imperial College London. Nicki goes out on track in a high performance car to be analysed by Dr Aldo and his team.

Act 3

Conclusion and summary of results. Replacing humans on the road is going to be harder than expected. However, with deeper understanding of why humans are good at day to day tasks, the industry by and large can improve their AI systems.

NB Please see our branded film (teaser) with Dr Aldo Faisal and Lucas Di Grassi.



Currently TBC pending agreed period of development.


GBP ex vat


The AI industry is booming and the story opportunities around it are not only increasingly exciting - but something we are already extremely experienced with. We see ITN as a perfect home for these concepts.

This proposal acts as the foundation for a deeper discussion around the massive opportunity that we believe Mission Intelligence presents.

As a next step, we propose that we meet in person to present this concept in further detail.

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