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Across the men’s fashion industry, we encounter various ‘how to’ videos. They come in different forms, from different brands, on different platforms. But we’ve noticed something interesting… The ‘how to’ title instantly positions these videos as the exact same thing. Why watch one, and not another? And are we just looking for a quick ‘how to’ or something more? For us, the answer lies in the title. Welcome to:

TurnbUll & Asser’S - Masterclasses

sartorial tutorials for men



As the name suggests, T&A’s Masterclasses will set itself apart from the everyday ‘how to’ videos. Not only can this become a new home for discerning men’s style tutorials - it will also define itself with a signature tone that’s distinguished & cinematic - true to the brand.


Working with clients from Range Rover and David Morris fine jewellery to Paul Smith and Harrods - we have an in-depth understanding of luxury brand communication.

  • We shoot on our own RED Helium 8k which boasts one of the best censors in the world of moving image. Not only does this create stunning end results, but also allows us to extract high quality film stills to give further value to the content.

  • Alex Verner our Director & DOP has filmed everything from BBC Natural World (w/ David Attenborough) to large-scale branded documentaries for Jaguar Land Rover.

  • We are a highly skilled, experienced creative duo, which not only allows us to harvest stunning results - but our footprint is light, meaning we’re cost effective without creative compromise.

  • We can edit, master and deliver in the highest resolution (hd-4k) - easily.


While studio-style white backgrounds certainly work, a location choice may create a sense of authenticity to the masterclass film - that both allows us to capture the important detail of the tutorial - while feeling confidently in-situ!


We’d propose two options initially, as seen below. Dallas (left) and Tom (right). Here, we have two strong looks who sit on slightly different sides on the age demographic.


We really respond to the palette-video pieces we’ve been sent - we’re also very confident our style (and look) will work harmoniously with the vision. Additionally, we do feel using voice over (like the Mr Porter reference) can truly help to establish this as the ultimate go-to for your target audience.

Regarding the tone, we suggest an elegant and timeless approach to the imagery. Our look is always cinematic whilst remaining curious, akin to glossy documentary in style. Furthermore, our goal is always to tell a story and we would deploy this classical, luxurious, hand-held feel on the T&A project.


See separate attachment.


We would be thrilled to discuss the creative details with you and answer any budgeting questions.

Thank you!

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