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Alex is one of the few filmmakers who offer such a high-end camera solution. It’s built for documentary and commercial projects and it’s available at a far lower cost than any rental house. This includes the stunning Red Epic-W 8k Helium camera, prime and zoom lenses, Canon 1dx mkii (stills and 4k video), Sony mirrorless systems and, yes, GoPros.

Other options include grip, slider, LED 1x1s, magic arms, tripod and various accessories - all can be discussed easily, just drop an email to


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4k Adobe Suite

As a Director and DoP, Alex’s vision for filmmaking has always been through the post production lens. He’s both broadcast credited as an editor and cuts the majority of the work he directs. Now, he’s built a state-of-the-art suite (capable of raw and 4k mastering) which is available for your project.